The Rendity Rating

The Rendity Rating is an assessment system ranging from A to E. It enabled investors to quickly compare projects across the platform.

Our assessment

The Rendity Rating measures the relative risk-adjusted return of the individual projects. B-rated projects will have a higher inherent risk than A-rated projects. Thus, B-rated projects will generally have a higher return than A-rated projects due its relatively higher risk. The rating does not imply that investing in one project is fundamentally better, worse, or better suited for an individual investor.

Calculation of the risk

A project’s Rendity Rating matches its quantitative project assessment. The project assessment is a numerical method evaluating eight major criteria of real estate investments. Every criterion is separately evaluated, resulting in a total score ranging from 6 to 20. A score between 6 and 8, will result in A rating, between 9 and 11 in a B rating and so on.

The evaluation of the location

Several factors are taken into account in the internal examination of the location. On the one hand, the immediate surroundings of the property are examined, and on the other hand, the large-scale economic area (city, municipality and region) is included. Both have an influence on the location attractiveness of the respective property. For each project, additional information on the micro and macro location of the property can be found in the description.